Joseph Koykkar, is a musician at home in a variety of music from classical to avant-garde to rock and blues. As a composer, he has had his music performed nationally and internationally for over the past 30 years, including performances and commissions by many of the leading new music ensembles in the nation including the Relache Ensemble, Present Music, Zeitgeist, New York New Music Ensemble, North/South Consonance, Synchronia, and the California Ear Unit. His music can be heard on eight CDs, including an all-Koykkar CD released on Northeastern Records in 1992. His composition Out Front on the North/South label, was one of 49 entries in contention for a 2006 Grammy in the “Best Contemporary Classical Composition “ category. He has composed in a variety of media including chamber music, orchestral scores, music for dance, film/video scores, and electronic/computer music. He holds degrees from Indiana University (M.Mus.) and the University of Miami (DMA). He has received grants and awards from such sources as the Pew Charitable Trust for Music, the NEA, Meet the Composer, ASCAP (27 consecutive awards), the American Music Center, the Wisconsin Arts Board and the American Composers Forum. He was composer-in-residence for the NOW Festival ’96 at Capital University in Columbus, OH. He spent two years as composer-in-residence with the Artists-in Schools Program in Virginia from 1978-80. As a professor at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, he teaches courses in electroacoustic music/sound design and serves as Music Director for the UW’s Dance Program. During the late 1980s and early 90s, he was instrumental in shaping the UW-Madison’s unique Interarts and Technology Program, acting as coordinator from 1995-2005. He has been on the UW-Madison faculty since 1987. He has been a past president of the statewide composers organization, the Wisconsin Alliance for Composers (1990-93).


University of Miami

Coral Gables, FL

Degree:                                                Doctor of Musical Arts (Composition/Theory)

(May 1983)

Indiana University

Bloomington, IN

Degree:                                                Master of Music (Conducting)

(August 1978)

University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Milwaukee, WI

Degree:                                                Bachelor of Music (Composition/Theory)

(December 1975)


University of Wisconsin-Madison                    Professor

1987 to Present                                              Music Director/Composer for the Dance Department

Promotion to Full Professor: 1999

Promotion to Associate Professor: 1993

University of Wisconsin-Whitewater               Lecturer

1985 to 1987                                                   Department of Music

(Music Theory/Composition)

University of Miami                                        Lecturer

1983 to 1985                                                   School of Music

(Music Theory/Composition)

Miami-Dade Community College                     Adjunct Faculty

1981 to 1985                                                   Department of Music

(Music Theory/Composition/Humanities)

OTHER RELATED POSITIONS HELD                                            

University of Miami                                        Graduate Assistant – Music Theory

1980 to 1983                                                   School of Music

*Roanoke City Public School System              Composer-in-Residence

Roanoke, VA

May to June 1981

*Montgomery County School System              Composer-in-Residence

Christiansburg, VA

1979 to 1980

**York County School Division                      Composer-in-Residence

Grafton, VA

1978 to 79

*National Endowment for the Arts, Artists-in-Schools Program; funded through the Virginia Commission for the Arts; selected as the first Composer-in-Residence in Virginia; after a national search in 1978 subsequent positions followed with the Montgomery County and Roanoke City School Systems



2015 Grammy award contender in the “Best Classical Contemporary Composition” category for Streets and Bridges on the Ravello label

2013 Biographical Listing in the New Grove’s Dictionary of American Music

2013 Finalist in the American Prize in Composition-Chamber Music -Professional Division (National Competition)

2012 One of 6 Wisconsin composers awarded a commission by the Wisconsin Arts Board for the Wisconsin Soundscapes project for a new solo piano composition

2011 Selected as a International Guild of Musicians Dance Master Artist for 2011 National Dance Educators Organization conference in Minneapolis

2014,2013, 2011-1985 28 ASCAP Standard Awards for Contemporary Music Composition

2010 Piano music selected for Wisconsin tour by pianist Jeri-Mae Astolfi (juried)

2008 Grammy award contender in the “Best Classical Contemporary Composition” category for Panache on the Meyer Media label

2008 METLife Creative Connections Award for a residency with the Wisconsin Youth Symphony Orchestra

2007 ASCAP Foundation funding for a new work for the Wisconsin Youth Symphony Orchestra

2007 Dane County Cultural Affairs Commission funding for a residency with the Wisconsin Youth Symphony Orchestra

2007 Meet the Composer award for a residency with the Wisconsin Youth Symphony Orchestra

2006 Honorable Mention in the National 2007 MACRO Composers Competition at Truman State University in December 2006 for Double Take for 18 Instruments

2006 Grammy award contender in the “Best Classical Contemporary Composition” category for Out Front on the North/South label

2005 Featured Guest Composer 6th Annual La Crosse New Music Festival, UW-La Crosse

2003 Dane County Cultural Affairs Commission for the Oakwood Chamber Players new composition

2003 Indiana State School Music System selection of EVOCATIONS for orchestra for inclusion on

the statewide ensemble listing

2002 Dane County Cultural Affairs Commission for a new work for the First Unitarian Society

Summer Series

2002 1st place in the Composers Competition for the Madison Chapter of the Wisconsin Alliance

for the First, Listen Competition

2002 Honorable Mention in Florida International University’s New Music Competition sponsored

by the International Society of Composers

2001 National Endowment for the Arts Commissioning Award (Relache Ensemble New Work)

2000 Pew Charitable Trust Fund of Philadelphia (Relache Ensemble New Work) 2000

2000 Invited Composer at the New Music Festival at Bowling Green State University 2000

1997-1988 Six Meet the Composer Grants

1997 Guest composer at the NOW Festival, Conservatory of Music, Columbus, OH

1996 Performance Incentive Award from the American Composers Forum in conjunction

with the Minnesota Contemporary Ensemble

1996 National Composer-in-Residence (week-long residency) at the NOW Festival

Capital University, Conservatory of Music, Columbus, OH

1994 Invited Composer for the New Hampshire Music Festival Composers Conference

1993 Invited Composer at the New Music Festival at Bowling Green State University

1990 Individual Artist Fellowship New Work Award, Wisconsin Arts Board

1989 American Music Center Copying Assistance Award

1988 Darmstadt Fellow at the International Summer Course in New Music

1992 Featured composer at the Montanea Composers Festival, Bern, Switzerland

1992 Fellow of the American Composer/Conductor Program, Hartt School of Music, Hartford, CT

1990 Indiana University Music of Our Time Seminar Fellow

1987 Wisconsin Arts Board Individual Project Grant

1987 Academic Development Grant from UW-Whitewater

1983 Atlantic Center for the Arts Fellowship for study with John Corigliano

1983 1st prize winner of Florida’s Youth Symphony Composition Contest, Miami, FL

1983 Pi Kappa Lambda Honor Society


2014 Arts Institute Emily Mead Baldwin-Bascom Award

2014 Faculty Sabbatical Leave for the academic spring semester

2012,2011,2010,2008-09, 2003-04, 1988-1998, 17 GRADUATE SCHOOL RESEARCH COMMITTEE AWARDS

2008 Recipient of SOE Lab Modernization grant for the sound design studio.

2006-07 Faculty Sabbatical Leave for the academic year

2005-06 Vilas Life Cycle Professorship Award

2000-02 Vilas Associate Research Award (two years of research funding and summer salary)

1999 Brenda Pfaehler Award of Excellence from UW-Madison Student Support Services

1988-2007, 2010 11 international and national travel awards from the Graduate School

1998 Faculty Sabbatical Leave for the fall semester

1995 Faculty Development Grant for the fall semester

1994,1991 School of Education funding to defray costs of recording projects

1994,1990 School of Education Hilldale funding to attend two national conferences




Sound Design for the Performing and Visual Arts, Advanced Sound Design, Multimedia Sound Design, Music Fundamentals for Dancers, Sound as Material, Structural Relationships Between Music and Dance, Music Accompaniment for Dance


Freshman/Sophomore Theory, Aural Skills, Orchestration, Baroque Counterpoint, Electronic Music


Freshman/Sophomore Theory, Aural Skills, Orchestration, Baroque Counterpoint, Music Fundamentals, Graduate Theory Review


Music Appreciation, Humanities, Freshman/Sophomore Theory, Aural Skills, Class Piano, Electronic Music

RECORDINGS (1992-present)

EXPRESSED IN UNITS AND OTHER WORKS – a compact disc featuring six compositions by Joseph Koykkar released by Northeastern Records (Boston, MA); distributed by Koch International in the United States, Europe, and Japan; released September 1992

COMPOSITE for Orchestra – conducted by Robert Black and performed by the Slovak Radio and Television Orchestra of Bratislava, Slovakia; released on MMC Recordings August 1994 “Robert Black Conducts”

TRIPLE PLAY – featured on Volume 3 of the Society for Electro-Acoustic Music in the US CD

Series, released February 1995

DOUBLE TAKE – featured on the CD Synchronia Live In-Sync Label, November 1995; St.Louis, MO

FOR MALLETS AND STRINGS – featured on the Level 7 CD by the Robin Cox Ensemble, May 2002,

Los Angeles, CA

MUSICA PER DUE – featured on the CD “Musica Per Due” performed by the Sole Nero Duo on

the Equilibrium label, released September 2004; Ann Arbor, MI

OUT FRONT – featured on the CD “Traveling West” by the North/South Consonance

Ensemble, released December 2004; New York, NY

PANACHE – featured on the CD “Eight Point Turn” by the Relache Ensemble on the Meyer Media label,     released March 2008, New York, NY

COMPOSITE for Orchestra performed by the Slovak Radio and Television Orchestra of Bratislava, Slovakia; released on PARMA Recordings CD “Paradigms” released July 2012

DOUBLE TAKES and TRIPLE PLAYS- a compact disc featuring five recent compositions by Joseph Koykkar to be released by PARMA Recordings in the spring 2016


COMPOSITIONS PUBLISHED (non-JNK Music publications only)

SOLOING for Flute (The American Flute Anthology) by JB Elkus & Sons (California), 1996

EXPRESSED IN UNITS by MMB Music (St. Louis), 1991


COMPOSITE for Orchestra by MMB Music, 1991

EVOCATIONS by Belwin Mills/Columbia Pictures Publications (Miami) 1985

PIANO MOODS by See Saw Music, Inc., New York, 1992

KINESIS for Orchestra by See Saw Music, Inc., New York, 1982

CHAMBER SYMPHONY by See Saw Music, Inc., New York, 1982

HAIKU SUITE by See Saw Music, Inc., New York, 1982

All other compositions are published by JNK Music (ASCAP affiliation) (Madison, WI)


Untitled for percussion             2014    12 mins.          Percussion ensemble

City Nights for Thelema Trio  2013    7 mins.          piano, sax, clarinet

Streets and Bridges                   2012    11 mins.          piano

Elegy for Ygor                         2010    5 mins.          ob,vc,pno

Inside Out                                2009    8 mins.          saxophone quartet

Movement III (Cosmic Code)  2008       4 mins.       chamber orchestra

Beyond Circumstance              2007-08 12 mins.        full orchestra

Double Take for 18 Instr.        2006      8 mins.          chamber wind ensemble

Suite: Cosmic Code                   2005    13 mins.          chamber orchestra

In Celebration                          2004       8 mins.          fl,ob,cl,hn,vln,db,pno

Cosmic Code                            2003    22 mins.          chamber ensemble and video

Musica Per Due                                    2002    10 mins.          pno and perc

Music For Three                      2002       6 mins           ob,vc,pno

Music For Mallets & Strings     2001       5 mins.          vln,vc,vbs,mba

Panache                                   2001    12 mins.          fl,ob,cl,bsn,vla,db,pno,perc

Reflections on a Friendship      2000       5 mins.          vln,vc,pno

Tour De Force                         2000       8 mins.          electronic percussion and technology

High Strung                              1999       6 mins.          electric cello and computer technology

Keyboard Dances                     1998    10 mins.          piano duo

Interfacing                               1997    10 mins.          piano and computer technology

MIDI Dances                           1996     10 mins.         digital instruments

Double Dance                           1996     10 mins.         fl,cl,bsn,pno,perc

Composite for Concert Band    1996    15 mins.          concert band

Soloing                                     1995       4 mins.          flute

With Wood, Wire, Mallets       1995       9 mins.          fl,ob,cl,bsn,va,db,pno,perc

Out Front                                 1995       8 mins.          fl,cl,vln,vc,pno,perc

The Front Lines                                   1994       8 mins.          fl,cl,& DAT tape.

Mit Holz und Schlegel              1993       9 mins.          pno,marimba,vibes,cl

Double Take                            1992       8 mins.          fl,cl,vln,vc,pno,perc

Triple Play                              1991       6 mins.          pno, MIDI pno, sampler

Cycles Within                          1991    11mins.          vc, pno

In Focus                                   1990       8 mins.          fl,cl,vln,vc,pno,perc

Expressed in Units                     1989     13 mins.                  fl,cl,vlns,vla,vc,pno,perc

A Three‑Point Perspective      1987    10 mins.          ob,cl,bsn,vln,pnos

Chorusing                                 1986       7 mins.          flute choir

Impulse                                                1985       8 mins.          piano

Modus Operandum                   1984       7 mins.          ob,cl,bsn,vlns,vla,pno,perc.

Circumstance                           1983       9 mins.          vln,cl,pno,perc.

Composite                               1983    15 mins.          orchestra

Continuum                               1982       9 mins.          2 pnos,ob,cl,perc.

Axis on A                                1982       7 mins.          2 vlns,vla,pno.

String Quartet                          1981    21 mins.          2 vlns,vla,vc

Evocations                               1981       6 mins.          orchestra

Centennial Ode                                    1981       7 mins.          chorus & orchestra

Piano Moods                            1980    10 mins.          piano

Divertimento (Octet)               1980       6 mins.          7 winds & perc.

Yorktown Memoirs                  1979       6 mins.          chorus & band

Piano Trio                               1979    12 mins.          vln,vc,pno.

O Vos Omnes                           1979       3 mins.          SATB

Sonata for Violin and Piano     1978   14 mins.          vln,pno.

Haiku Suite                               1978    10 mins.          fl,pno,vc,perc.

Kinesis                                     1976       5 mins.          orchestra

Chamber Symphony                 1975    14 mins.          chamber orchestra



Cloud Nine                              2013       spring            UW-Madison Theatre Dept. (10 performances)

(Original music & sound design)



Giant City Ache                       2008    12 mins.          samplers

Flowing In and Out of Time     2002    12 mins.          samplers

Glyhpic References                  2000    10 mins.          samplers

A Silent Path                           1998       6 mins           samplers.

Episodes III                              1997    10 mins.          samplers

Memories                                 1991       7 mins.          piano

Shiftings                                   1991       6 mins.          sampler/synthesizers

Remains                                   1990    12 mins.          samplers

She Thought She Knew                        1990    14 mins.          sampler/synthesizers

2 For 9                                     1989    10 mins.          synthesizers

Lost Pieces from a                   1989       9 mins.          digital sampler

Night Puzzle

People                                     1988    10 mins.          synthesizers & SATB

Nocturnes                                1988       9 mins.          synthesizers

The Other Side Show                1988    12 mins.          synthesizers

Falling Water                           1988       6 mins.          synthesizers & flute

Overtime                                 1988    12 mins.          piano

Demon                                     1987       9 mins.          synthesizers

Cairns                                      1986    27 mins.          synthesizers

Haiku Suite (original)               1977    10 mins.          two pianos


Overtime                                 1988    12 mins.          synthesizers

TAPE COLLAGES FOR DANCE (In conjunction with Professor Anna Nassif)

Distance Covered                     1991

Buddha                                     1990

Trainride                                  1989    (From German Remembrances)

Roar                                         1989


COMPOSITIONS FOR FILM (N.B. The durations listed are for the complete film/video

production not the amount of music composed.)

Title                                                                                                    Producer

TV Commercials

Western Cruise Lines                                       1982                Cinema East – Miami, FL

Tampa Electric Company                                1981                Filmworks – Miami, FL


Industrial Films

Marine Science Under Sails, 10 minutes                        1984                University of Miami

Scandinavian Cruise Lines, 10 minutes                        1982                Filmworks – Miami, FL

Youth Crime Watch, 12 minutes                                  1981                Cinema East – Miami, FL


Patriotic Parades, 30 minutes                          1984                           Miami Institute of History

A Small Price to Pay, 30 minutes                     1982                Virginia Tech

Energy…Making a Contribution, 30 minutes    1981                Virginia Tech


Dramatic Film

Island Zone Zero, 5 minutes                             1987                Fareed al-Mashat

Lilly’s Gone, 10 minutes                                   1982                Jeffrey Johnson

Davie (*) (**), 6 minutes                                 1981                Fareed al-Mashat

Eyes of the Lycanthrope, 7 minutes                1980                Dean Gates

* Second prize in the Houston International Film Competition

** Third prize in the Cinemagic Film Competition, New York, NY



Incidental Music for “King Lear” for the UW-Madison Theater Department, 2/21-3/18/97

Electronic music score for “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest” for the Performing and Visual Arts Center, Miami-Dade Community College, Miami, FL, 11/2-5/84


MUSIC RESEARCHER (Compiled the soundtrack from pre-existing sources for the film listed below.)

Southwestern Ballet, by Dan Curry, Chicago, IL, 1988

(Southwestern Ballet was broadcast nationally (12/88) over the Learning Channel on cable television.)


“Touchings: A Love Story”, an 8-minute work featuring live MIDI triggering of video images as well as a computer music soundtrack, 1991


“Un/necessary Percent”, a 20-minute sound design in collaboration with video artist Laurie Beth Clark, 1995-96. The video has been exhibited at the University of Rhode Island, Drexel University, Dallas International Film and Video Festival, University of Florida, and the Wisconsin Triennial among other locations.


“Approach/Avoidance”, the sound track for a month-long exhibit by artist Laurie Beth Clark at the Madison Art Center, Madison, WI, April 1990


Three Preludes for Band                                   6 mins. concert band

Autumn Night                                      5 mins. concert band

Rocky Road                                         5 mins. concert band

Blue Funk                                             4 mins. jazz band

Get Yourself Together                         5 mins. jazz band

Let It Out, Let It In                             4 mins. SSA

Sunday                                                 3 mins. SSA

Back Street Symphony                         4 mins. SATB

I Will Start a New World                      3 mins. solo voice

When Love Finds You                         4 mins. jazz combo

A Christmas Wish                               12 mins. musical play

Momotaro                                          10 mins. musical play

* The above compositions were composed while Composer-in-Residence for the NEA’s Artists-in-Schools Program between 1978-80.


2014    Commissioned by the Madison ensemble – Clocks in Motion – for a new work for percussion/piano

2012    Commissioned by the Wisconsin Arts Board for a piano work for Jeri-Mae Astolfi

2012    Commissioned by the Thelema Trio -Brussels, Belgium for a new work

2009    Commissioned by the Chicago Saxophone Quartet for a new work for their tour of Taiwan

2008    Commissioned by David Becker (conductor) for the Lawrence University Chamber Orchestra

2007    Commissioned by the Wisconsin Youth Symphony Orchestra for a new orchestral work

2003    Commissioned by the Oakwood Chamber Players for a chamber work

2002    Commissioned by Jin-Wen Yu Dance

2002    Commissioned by the Sole Nero Duo

2001    Commissioned by the Oakwood Chamber Players with Madison Chapter of WAC

2001    Commissioned by the Robin Cox Ensemble, Los Angeles

2000    Commissioned by the Relache Ensemble, Philadelphia

1999    Commissioned by Synchronia, St. Louis

1998    Commissioned by Amy Knoles, electronic percussionist, Los Angeles

1997    Commissioned by Todd Welbourne, pianist for a new work for disklavier and MAX

1996   Commissioned by the NOW Festival of the Conservatory of Music at Capitol University,                   Columbus, OH, for a new composition for MIDI ensemble

1995   Commissioned by Jonathan Elkus Publishing for a flute composition for a new anthology of

American music for solo flute

1995   Commissioned by Jeffrey Krieger, electronic cellist from Hartford, CT

1995    Commissioned by the NOW Festival of the Conservatory of Music at Capitol University, Columbus, OH, for a new composition for band

1994   Commissioned by the duo piano team, Double Edge, New York

1994    OUT FRONT, commissioned by Synchronia, the new music ensemble based in St. Louis

1994    THE FRONT LINES, commissioned by members of Present Music Milwaukee

1993    WITH WOOD, WIRE, MALLETS AND HAMMERS, commissioned by the Relache Ensemble

1992    MIT HOLZ UND SCHLEGEL, a 10-minute composition for 2 percussionists, piano, and clarinet commissioned by Zeitgeist, an internationally recognized new music ensemble based in St. Paul, MN

1992    DOUBLE TAKE, an 8-minute work for flute, clarinet, violin, cello, piano, and percussion commissioned by the new music ensemble North/South Consonance of New York, NY and Present Music of Milwaukee, WI

1990    CYCLES WITHIN, a 10-minute work for cello and piano commissioned by David Cowley, faculty cellist at UW-Oshkosh

1989    IN FOCUS, an 8-minute work for flute, clarinet, violin, cello, piano, and percussion commissioned by Synchronia, St. Louis

1989    SHE THOUGHT SHE KNEW WHERE SHE WAS, a 12-minute multimedia work featuring video, music, and dance commissioned by the Kanopy Dance Company of Madison, WI

1988    EXPRESSED IN UNITS, a 13-minute work for flute, clarinet, 2 violins, viola, cello, piano, and percussion commissioned by Present Music, Milwaukee

1987    PEOPLE, a 10-minute work for synthesizers and 4 singers commissioned by the Kanopy Dance Company of   Madison,WI

1986    CHORUSING, a 7-minute work for flute choir commissioned by the UW-Whitewater flute choir

1986    CAIRNS, a 27-minute electronic music score commissioned by Dance Circus of Milwaukee

1980    CENTENNIAL ODE, a 7-minute work for orchestra and chorus celebrating the centennial of the city of Roanoke, VA, commissioned by the Roanoke City School System

1978    YORKTOWN MEMOIRS, a 6-minute work for band, chorus and narrator celebrating the bicentennial of the surrender at Yorktown by the York County (VA) School Division

Recording Producer-(Director of recording/editing for CD release)

2015 Producer of CD Music of Joseph Koykkar (7 recent works) for Parma Records to be released spring 2016

1995 Producer of “Triple Play” for the SEAMUS label, Urbana, IL

1992 Producer of CD “Expressed In Units” ( 6 works) for Northeastern Records, Boston, MA