Latest news!

September 9 2017- my piano composition in 3 movements, Streets and Bridges, will be performed as part of the West Fork New Music Festival at Fairmount University  (WV).   Pianist is Topher Ruggiero.

August 2017- arranging my percussion quartet Time in Transcendence for a traditional quartet sans microtonal and custom-built instruments of Clocks in Motion.  The new arrangement will be premiered by the School of Music Western Percussion ensemble in 2018.

August 2017- composing a brief work for faculty trombonist Mark Hetzler for premiere during the upcoming concert season

April 30 2017- premiere of multi-media theatre work When Time Ran Out featuring sound design and music by  Joseph Koykkar.  Collaborators were Karen McShane-Hellenbrand (choreography) and Shuxing Fan (computer animation/projections).  UW-Madison 90th Anniversary Festival of Dance.

November  10 2016—–premiere of Time in Transcendence by Clocks in Motion percussion ensemble in Madison, WI at the First Unitarian Society.

Composer Joseph Koykkar presents his debut full-length release on Ravello Records DOUBLE TAKES AND TRIPLE PLAYS. Featuring works spanning a 20-year period (1992-2012) in the composer’s career, this album exemplifies Koykkar’s practical approach to writing, dictated by the bounds and the interplay within chamber ensemble combinations, occasionally using computer-generated sounds. –Parma Records press release

CD released in February 2016