Scores and Music (audio)


Composite for Orchestra


full orchestra

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Suite: Cosmic Code

Chamber Orchestra

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Beyond Circumstance

2008 -full orchestra for the Wisconsin Youth Symphony


score mov I

score mov II

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Flute Choir


1986, 7 minutes
For large flute choir

Solos, Duos, and Trios

City Nights

2014  duration 6:50

Commissioned by the Thelema Trio

clarinet (bcl), alto sax, pno

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Cycles Within

1991, 10 minutes
cello and piano, 3 movements

Reflections on a Friendship

2000, 5 minutes
violin, cello and piano
In memory of composer Jerry Troxell, Performed by Synchronia


Composite for Concert Band

1996, 13 minutes, transcription from the orchestral version
commissioned by the Capital University Band

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Instrumental Ensembles


1983 (rev. 1985), 9 minutes
Violin, clarinet, piano, mallets


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1982, 9 minutes
2 pianos, oboe, clarinet, mallets

Double Take

1992, 8 minutes
Ver. 1 – flute, clarinet, vin, vc, piano, percussion
Ver. 2 – flute, clarinet, viola, bass, piano, percussion
commissioned by Present Music

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Expressed in Units

1989, 13 minutes
flute, clarinet, violin, viola, cello, piano and mallets
commissioned by Present Music

Instruments & Electronics


Todd Welbourne, pianist
Yamaha Grand Disklavier, sampler, and MAX/MSP

The Front Lines

1994, 7 minutes
soloists flute and Bb clarinet
with prerecorded “virtual ensemble” of flutes and clarinets
commissioned by Present Music’s Marie Sander

Tour de Force

2004, 8 minutes
percussion and computer technology
Mallet KAT controller, MAX/MSP, sampler

Triple Play

piano, sampler (using microtonal piano sound), Disklavier, (MIDI sequencer)
Todd Welbourne, pianist

Wind Ensemble

Double Take (transcribed for wind ensemble)

2006-for 18 instruments   7:50 duration

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Solo Piano

Streets and Bridges

2012          10:30 duration

I-Downer Avenue

II-Lafayette Place

III-Brady Street

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1985 (one movement) 7 minutes

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Piano & Percussion Duo

Musica per Due

2002, (Italian, “music for two”)
Movement 1, interlude, movement 2
Commissioned by Sole Nero

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